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Backup Sets
With Divinsa online backup service, backup sets are easy to setup and you have full control over when and how often to backup. Scheduled backups run completely automatically, or you can choose to manually start a backup at any time with the option of creating and using multiple backup sets.

The first task in using the Divinsa software, is to create a backup set. Backup sets allow one or more collections of files to backup at different times. For example, one backup set could be created for accounting data, and another backup set could be created for important data that changes daily. The important data might be backed up daily or even hourly, while the accounting data could be backed up at the end of the week.

Divinsa software allows you to select multiple folders, to exclude certain folders, and choose individual files to backup. You can select files by the individual file name or by the folders that they are in. You would choose by folder if, for example, you wanted to backup every file in My Documents. You would simply select the My Documents folder from a Windows Explorer-like view of your hard drive. As you select files and directories, the software displays the number of files selected as well as the total uncompressed size of those files. Once you have done a backup you'll also be able to see, at any time, the amount of compressed storage currently being used on Divinsa's servers.

To give you even more power for managing your backup sets, you have the option of including or excluding specific file types through the use of filters. For example, you may want to only backup documents or perhaps exclude all graphics files.