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Questions About Billing Procedures

• How does the free 15 day trial work?
How am I billed?
How do I change my billing address or credit card information?

Q: How does the free 15 day trial work?
A: If you signup for our no obligation 15 day trial, you have full use of Divinsa's software and storage space. You will NOT be billed during the free trial period. You will need to provide valid billing information, including a credit card, to engage in our trial but your card will NOT be billed unless you opt to subscribe to our service upon completion of the trial. If you opt to continue with our service then you will be billed for the trial priod (i.e. your initial 15 days of usage).
Q: How am I billed?
A: Once you sign up for Divinsa's online service, you're credit card will be billed at the end of each month for services used during the month. We will pro-rate your first month of service if you signed up in the middle of a month.  Furthermore, if and when you cancel service, which you may do at any time, we will pro-rate your final month of service up to and including the day of cancellation.
A: To change your method of payment or your credit card information, please call us at 800-624-9561.