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IT Managers
A 2004 Gartner study entitled “Online Server Backup Services Cost Less and Deliver More” found that 60% of all conventional backups fail nearly 50% of all conventional backups are not fully recoverable. Online backup and recovery is more reliable, and in many cases it is less expensive than conventional tape backup when the costs of human labor and hardware are included.

Divinsa’s secure online backup and recovery service protects mission critical files more reliably by automatically encrypting and replicating them offsite every business day, using the Internet, where they maybe recovered anytime from our online servers, 24x7.

In 2003 CPA Software News wrote “And that’s the simple beauty of online backup. It is ALWAYS done. It is ALWAYS complete. It is ALWAYS offsite. It is ALWAYS available.”  Online backup has been around for a decade, but is only now being widely adopted.  Last year, E-Commerce Times wrote “[Online backup] is fast becoming the standard in the business of data backup storage.”

Our online backup and recovery service takes both human and tape errors out of the system, so you can rest better knowing that your data is secure and recoverable.