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Autotask Corporation Announces New Integration With Divinsa Online Backup and Recovery

December 15, 2008

IT service providers using Divinsa can now take advantage of a highly effective integration between Divinsa’s secure online backup and recovery services and Autotask’s leading hosted business management software for IT service companies.

Divinsa provides automatic backup and recovery of critical business data, stored in two offsite data centers and protected by regulatory compliant encryption. Once the system is setup for a client, it operates completely automatically and is monitored for any problems or errors by the Divinsa software and its network operations center. Should a problem with a backup occur, Divinsa immediately generates an alert. Thanks to the integration, when a Divinsa alert is received by Autotask, it is immediately converted into a ticket within Autotask, and through customizable workflow rules.

At the same time that an alert is sent to Autotask, Divinsa technical staff is also notified, and they continue to monitor the situation until the problem is resolved.

Shawn Javid, founder of Divinsa, LLC, said, “Our biggest partner network is IT managers serving small and medium-sized businesses. Autotask and Divinsa work very naturally together and address the same audience of users.“

Bob Godgart, CEO of Autotask Corporation, said, “Divinsa provides a critical service in the world of IT services, that of making sure that essential data is safe and secure. This works hand-in-glove with Autotask, and we are very pleased that this integration will allow our products to work smoothly together. It makes a lot of sense and will benefit IT service managers and their customers.“

Autotask Corporation is the leading provider of innovative, web-based business solutions that allow IT solution providers to run their businesses more easily and more profitably. Accessible via any PC, at any time without any downloads, Autotask seamlessly integrates all key IT Service business functions, including issue management; project management; contract management; sales opportunity management; Contact Management; Time, Expense and Resource Management; and Profitability Management. The Autotask also includes direct integrations with a wide range of third-party service management tools. For more information visit or call 518-720-3500.