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Why Online
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Why Online Backup
Analyst and journalist perspectives on online backup

"I never waste memory on things that can easily be stored and retrieved from elsewhere." - Albert Einstein

A Disaster Waiting to Happen?
“In a recent survey conducted by Gartner Research, 64% of small to medium-sized businesses said they backed up their data on-site, not off-site for disaster-recovery purposes. That is a disaster waiting to happen,’ says Adam Couture, principal analyst at Gartner. ‘Anything that happens to their servers is also going to happen to their backups."
InfoStor, July 2004.

Online Data Backup and Recovery Takes Hold
"Despite the current myths surrounding online backup, it is fast becoming the standard in the business of data backup storage. Online backup has proven itself to be a fundamental component of disaster recovery and business continuity plans of small to large businesses alike through the United States.”
E-Commerce Times, June 2004.

The Simple Beauty of Online Backup
“... And that’s the simple beauty of online backup. It is ALWAYS done. It is ALWAYS complete. It is ALWAYS offsite. It is ALWAYS available.”
The CPA Software News, June/July 2003.

The Most Sense for Small and Medium-size Companies
"Generally, online backups make the most sense for small and medium-size companies with high-speed Internet connections. Online backups can be a practical way to address the compelling need for redundant, off-site storage, and the needs of companies with users (either in a single location, or scattered across different locations) who have data--spreadsheets, databases, and more--that should be backed up...

Online backup services have some advantages over the hardware featured in this review. If you store your data off-site and a fire destroys your office, you can retrieve your data almost immediately via an Internet connection from any location. Another advantage: You don't necessarily have to purchase, maintain, or store a backup drive and media--thereby saving space--or keep track of details like which disc you used for your last full backup, and which one you specified for an incremental backup. (Of course, you'll want to keep redundant, local backups of your most essential data, too.) "
PC World, August 2002

Backup or Kiss Your Data Goodbye
"You know that feeling you have in your belly? The adrenaline rush with a stomach churn right behind it? It's what you feel when your hard drive converts four years' worth of Quicken data into cross-linked files--and you don't have a backup."
PC World, December 2000

Endorsed by Experts
"...we strongly endorse online backup services as one component of a sound backup strategy ...they're an excellent way to store important files where you know you can get to them, no matter what unpleasant disaster befalls."
PC World, August 2000

Online Data Insurance
"Thieves steal. Fire burns. Weather destroys. People delete. Hard disks crash. But nothing will get to your data if you keep it safe in an Internet data vault… New Internet services make remote storage hassle-free."
PC Computing, March 1999