If your business is like most businesses, your data is crucial to the everyday operations of your company. Moreover, the data on your computers is vulnerable to human error, accidental deletion, computer and hard drive failure, viruses, theft and natural disasters such as fires and floods. Ask yourself these questions: If your business did lose its data, how long would it take to recreate? Could your business survive without its customer records, emails, financial data and other documents? Because data is so important and because data is so vulnerable, every business needs a proper method of backing up.

Nearly half of small companies that loose business critical data in a disaster do not reopen after the loss, and 90% are out of business within two years, according to a University of Texas study. Furthermore, “6% of all PC’s will suffer an episode of data loss in any given year” according to a recent study by Pepperdine University. The statistics of data loss are as follows:

  • 44% – Hardware Failure Hard drives crash, tape drives fail, laptops fall, and warranties don’t cover your data.
  • 30% – Personnel Error Accidental file overwrite and/or deletion; disgruntled employees, and even spilt drinks.
  • 12% – Software Error Compatibility issues, programming errors, improper application termination.
  • 7% – Viruses and hackers Can you be fully protected from the constant introduction of new viruses?
  • 7% – Disasters – terrorism, theft, fire, flood, storm, etc.