Secure and encrypted data

Security & Encryption.

Divinsa’s cloud backup software ensures top-tier security and encryption. With user-selectable encryption methods, including industry-standard 256-bit AES, you have the flexibility to tailor your data protection during installation.

Every backed-up file undergoes encryption, maintaining this state until restored, ensuring data integrity throughout the process. Our software follows strict protocols, including SSL technology, mirroring what banks use for online security. This double-layered encryption guarantees your data’s inviolability.

Rest easy knowing your encrypted data resides on redundant storage devices within monitored, highly secure data centers. With advanced security measures, backup generators, and fail-safe internet connections, Divinsa takes comprehensive steps to ensure your data’s utmost protection.

SQL & Exchange.

Divinsa’s cloud backup encompasses SQL & Exchange Backups, ensuring streamlined database protection. Featuring seamless backup for MSDE, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange Server, Active Directory, SharePoint, and Microsoft Servers.

Moreover, Divinsa includes integrated methods for backing up these applications and databases. Simplify management, backups, and data restoration. Optimizing overall efficiency for Exchange, SQL, Active Directory, SharePoint, and Server backup and restoration.

SQL and Exchange databases
compression of data

Efficient Compression

Optimize storage utilization, expedite backups.

Before transmission to Divinsa’s cloud, your files undergo encryption and compression. This compression accelerates backup processes and minimizes storage requirements. This results in smaller files, reducing storage consumption and cost.

Compression levels vary based on file types. Multimedia files like MP3s and images, already compressed, show minimal additional compression. Contrarily, files like Microsoft Word documents and databases can achieve over 80% compression. Compression rates hinge on text-to-binary ratios. Notably, Microsoft Outlook .pst files and Exchange databases with text-heavy emails exhibit superior compression.

Estimating compressed data size is effortless—ZIP your files and compare compressed and original sizes for insight.

Fully Managed.

Divinsa’s cloud backup encompasses SQL & Exchange Backups, ensuring streamlined database protection. Featuring seamless backup for MSDE, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange Server, Active Directory, SharePoint, and Microsoft Servers.

Moreover, Divinsa includes integrated methods for backing up these applications and databases. Simplify management, backups, and data restoration. Optimizing overall efficiency for Exchange, SQL, Active Directory, SharePoint, and Server backup and restoration.

Fully Managed
Backup Sets

Custom Backup Sets.

Configure backups effortlessly with Divinsa’s online backup service. Enjoy complete control over backup timing and frequency. Scheduled backups run automatically, or manually initiate backups whenever needed, with the ability to create and manage multiple backup sets.

Your first step with Divinsa software is creating a backup set. These sets enable flexible backup scheduling for various file collections. For instance, you could have a set for accounting data and another for daily-changing critical information. While accounting data might be weekly, the dynamic data could be backed up daily or even hourly.

Divinsa software offers granular control, allowing selection of multiple folders, exclusion of specific ones, and individual file inclusion. Selection can be based on file names or parent folders. To back up all files in “My Documents,” simply pick the folder from the intuitive Windows Explorer-like view. As files are selected, software displays file count and total uncompressed size. Post-backup, track your compressed storage on Divinsa’s servers.

For advanced backup set management, filters empower you to include or exclude specific file types. Tailor your backups—choose to safeguard only documents or exclude graphics files, amplifying your control over data protection.

Flexible Scheduling Options.

Empower your backup strategy with Divinsa’s versatile scheduling feature. Take charge of your backup schedule using the integrated Divinsa software scheduler. Your custom schedules are seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Windows’s Scheduled Tasks, yet effortlessly managed within Divinsa’s interface.

Enjoy total autonomy in backup scheduling, from selecting days of the week to specifying times throughout the day. Tailor the frequency of backups according to your unique needs. Additionally, you can choose between scheduled and continuous backup modes, enhancing your control over data protection.

Backup Scheduling
Data Recovery

Effortless Data Recovery.

Securely retrieve your data round the clock, empowered by Divinsa’s cloud backup.

While a robust and secure backup strategy is crucial, ease of data recovery is equally vital. Divinsa’s online backup service ensures swift and hassle-free file restoration, accessible 24/7 within the cloud. With just a few clicks, initiate file recovery in mere seconds.

Restore files at your convenience, without limitations. Retrieve individual files, file revisions, complete folders, and entire backup sets as needed, with no extra charges. Effortlessly restore to their original folder or any preferred location within the cloud. Your data recovery process is as seamless and adaptable as your business demands.

Multi-Device Backup with Divinsa.

Experience versatile data protection with Divinsa’s online backup service. Whether it’s a single computer, server, multiple computers, mobile (laptop) users, or even various offices, Divinsa accommodates your backup needs.

Divinsa’s software efficiently backs up files from network mapped drives, encompassing Windows, Mac and Linux computers within the file-sharing network. No need for separate software installations—backup data from different computers using a single system. Note that each backed-up computer incurs a monthly charge.

Each computer running Divinsa’s software holds a distinct backup account. This partitioning aids easy data restoration identification. Moreover, individual encryption keys for each computer bolster your organization’s security, enhancing data protection.

Multi device backup
Secure cloud storage

Secure and Accessible Data in the Cloud.

At Divinsa, your data’s security and accessibility are paramount. Our primary computing infrastructure is strategically located, now leveraging Amazon’s powerful cloud storage and data centers along the West Coast.

Security – Data protection is at the core: Rigorous data encryption (AES-256) meeting or surpassing US Federal Government standards—ensuring your data’s safety from the moment it leaves your device.

Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is both secure and accessible in the cloud with Divinsa.

Comprehensive and Responsive Support.

At Divinsa, we prioritize your experience with our modern managed online backup service. Our user-friendly interface is complemented by thorough documentation. However, recognizing that queries may arise, we offer unlimited, free support via multiple channels.

Effortless Reach – Connect with us effortlessly.

Email Support: Our responsive team is just an email away. Send your queries to, and we’ll promptly assist you.

Phone Support: Experience the convenience of toll-free assistance. Dial 800.624.9561, extension 102, and our experts will guide you through any questions you have.

Enhanced AssistanceWe go beyond standard support.

Remote Assistance: Our modern approach includes remote assistance sessions. With your permission, our experts can access your system remotely, resolving issues as you watch, ensuring a seamless experience.

Whether it’s installation guidance, file restoration queries, or general inquiries about Divinsa, our support teams are committed to providing you with swift and effective solutions. Embrace the convenience of our comprehensive support ecosystem.

technical support
disk image backup

Comprehensive Disk Image Backup and Restoration.

Divinsa introduces an advanced Disk Image backup and restoration feature that elevates your data protection strategy. This powerful capability allows you to create a full image of your entire disk, encompassing your operating system, applications, settings, and files.

Effortlessly recover your system with ease and speed. Divinsa’s Disk Image backup and restoration offers a complete system snapshot, capturing every facet of your setup to ensure comprehensive recovery. In the face of system failures or hardware issues, you can restore your disk image swiftly, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity.

Choose your preferred method of restoration. Opt for a full disk restore to seamlessly recover your entire system to the same or new hardware, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations. Alternatively, perform a file-level recovery, extracting specific files or folders from the disk image. This gives you precise control over data retrieval, making it ideal for situations where only specific data is needed.

Benefit from total system resilience as Divinsa’s Disk Image backup and restoration guards against catastrophic failures, ensuring that your system is well-protected and can be restored to its functional state quickly. Enhance your disaster recovery procedures by minimizing business disruptions, allowing you to restore your system to full functionality in a swift and efficient manner.

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Great benefits from Divinsa.

Divinsa secure online backup and recovery – backs up your data offsite – simply and quickly. Best of all, your data can be restored at anytime.

  • Automated Protection – Divinsa’s managed backup ensures continuous and automatic data protection, reducing the risk of human errors and oversight.

  • Effortless Scalability – Divinsa adapts seamlessly to your evolving data needs, accommodating growing volumes without manual adjustments.

  • Time and Resource Savings – Divinsa’s automated processes free up valuable IT resources, allowing your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

  • Reliable Disaster Recovery – Divinsa offers reliable and efficient disaster recovery, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity.

  • Enhanced Security – Divinsa employs robust encryption and security measures, safeguarding your data from threats that manual processes might overlook.

  • Consistent Compliance – Divinsa’s automated backups help maintain regulatory compliance by ensuring data is consistently and securely backed up.

  • User-Friendly Management – Divinsa provides an intuitive interface for easy monitoring, management, and recovery of your data, reducing complexity.

Manual Backup

  • Human Error – Manual backup processes are prone to human errors, such as forgetting to perform backups or selecting incorrect files.
  • Inconsistent Backups – Manual backups may not be performed consistently, leading to potential data loss if backup schedules are missed.

  • Time-Consuming – Manual backups demand significant time and effort, diverting resources from other critical tasks and projects.

  • Limited Scalability – As data grows, manual processes become more challenging to manage, potentially leading to incomplete or inadequate backups.

  • Increased Downtime – In the event of data loss, manual recovery can be time-consuming, leading to prolonged downtime and disruptions.

  • Security Vulnerabilities – Manual backups might lack proper encryption and security protocols, exposing data to potential breaches.

  • Compliance Risks: Manual processes may not consistently adhere to regulatory requirements, increasing the risk of non-compliance and penalties.

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