Online Backup Reseller Program

Divinsa has made significant investments to provide simple, secure and affordable computer services to small and medium sized organizations. We are an ideal partner for companies who wish to offer similar services to their customers. We are setup for you to provide these services right now, without you having to expend significant resources and energy on infrastructure and staffing. In particular, we have the following to offer partners:

  • An outstanding service

  • Rapid time to market

  • Increased value for existing customers

  • Ways to target new customers

  • A competitive point-of-differentiation
  • A great business case
Divinsa's Online backup partner program

If you’re a customer-centric business seeking a lasting and productive partnership aligned with your values, we invite you to connect with us to explore a collaboration with Divinsa.

Join our expanding global network of backup partners who are safeguarding invaluable business data while generating lucrative revenue streams. Discover the potential of our White Label Backup Software for MSPs and IT Pros under our WholesaleBackup platform for online backup resellers.

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