How much would it cost you to recover your data if you lost it? If your tapes are offsite can you get to them when you need them? How much will it cost you for each minute your data is inaccessible? Won’t you sleep better knowing your files are mirrored offsite at a secure location yet accessible 24×7?

As of September 2021, a study by IDC revealed that “cloud-based server backup services offer superior cost-efficiency and greater performance benefits compared to traditional backup methods.”

Business Solutions

What would happen if you lost your data? Would your business survive?

  • Online backup empowers SMBs to protect valuable data without the complexities of on-premises solutions.

  • With offsite data storage, SMBs ensure quick recovery and minimal downtime in case of data loss or hardware failure.

  • Online backup eliminates the need for expensive hardware investments, making it a budget-friendly choice for SMBs.

  • As SMBs grow, online backup effortlessly scales to accommodate increasing data volumes while offering seamless accessibility.

IT Managers

Protects mission critical files reliably by automatically encrypting & replicating them offsite.

  • Offsite backup ensures an additional layer of security, safeguarding critical data from on-site risks.

  • IT managers gain peace of mind, knowing data can be swiftly restored in the event of unforeseen disasters.

  • Offsite backup services cater to evolving business needs, allowing seamless expansion as data grows.

  • Streamlined offsite backup solutions offer cost savings and help meet regulatory requirements with ease.

Compliant Solutions

Keeping your business compliant with regulatory requirements.

  • NASD 3010 and 3110.

  • SEC 17a-3 and 17a-4.

  • GLBA.
  • HIPAA, Public Law 104-191.

Office Managers

Maintain complete control over your data and records, managed and monitored offsite.

  • On & Off-site records and DB backup.

  • Completely management & monitored remotely.

  • Reports and alerts emailed.

  • Server and workstation backups.

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