Divinsa’s secure online backup and recovery solutions ensure compliance with regulatory requirements for your data’s secure archival and management.

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Divinsa’s secure online backup and recovery solutions

Divinsa is the preferred choice for organizations in industries like Financial Services, Insurance, Legal, Healthcare, Engineering, Transportation, and Business Services. They rely on these solutions to achieve and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements concerning the secure archival and management of their data.

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Exceptional Online Managed Backup.

Our online backup and recovery service takes both human and tape errors out of the system, so you can rest better knowing that your data is secure and recoverable.

Incremental Backup

The software performs incremental backups, backing up only the changed or new data since the last backup, reducing backup time and resource usage.

Centralized Management

A centralized management interface allows IT administrators to efficiently monitor, control, and configure backups across multiple devices or locations.

Automated Scheduling

The software supports automated backup scheduling, enabling regular, hassle-free backups without manual intervention, ensuring data is always up-to-date.

Flexible Recovery Options

Divinsa online backup software provides a range of recovery options, allowing users to restore data to different points in time, meeting various recovery needs.

Experience incredible advantages with Divinsa.

Empowering Success – Unveiling Remarkable Advantages and Unwavering Compliance with Divinsa.

  • Regulatory Expertise – Divinsa’s managed backup solution is designed with compliance in mind, offering specialized expertise to meet various regulatory requirements.

  • Robust Security Measures – Divinsa’s backup solution ensures data security through advanced encryption and access controls, aligning with compliance standards for data protection.

  • Audit Readiness – With comprehensive reporting and detailed audit trails, Divinsa enables businesses to demonstrate compliance readiness during regulatory inspections.

  • Customizable Compliance Policies – Divinsa’s managed backup allows organizations to tailor compliance policies to specific industry regulations, ensuring a seamless and compliant data management process.

  • Seamless Data Retention – Divinsa’s managed backup facilitates easy implementation of data retention policies, ensuring compliance with industry-specific data retention requirements and legal mandates.

Risks of Using Other Backups for Compliance

  • Limited Compliance Support – Commodity backups may lack specific compliance-oriented features, making it challenging to adhere to industry regulations effectively.

  • Security Vulnerabilities – Generic commodity backup solutions might not offer the same level of robust security and encryption measures, leaving data more vulnerable to breaches.

  • Inadequate Reporting and Auditing – Commodity backups might not provide comprehensive reporting and audit trail capabilities, making it difficult to demonstrate compliance during regulatory inspections.

  • Compliance Risks – Using commodity backups might lead to non-compliance with industry-specific data retention and management requirements, potentially resulting in legal and financial consequences.

  • Scalability Constraints – Commodity backups may face limitations in handling data growth and evolving compliance needs, making it harder to accommodate the organization’s changing requirements over time.

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Managed backup and recovery empowers IT Managers with the assurance of data preservation, leaving no room for concerns about data loss.

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