Embracing the Future of Data Security: Online Backup Insights

“Preserving memory is about utilizing efficient retrieval, just as the modern age depends on securing data.” – Albert Einstein

Redefining Disaster Preparedness

“Companies should not only say goodbye to on-premises boxes, they should celebrate because their removal lowers the risk of ransomware or the impact of a fire or flood in the data center,” Evans told TechNewsWorld.

SaaS [Software as a Service like Divinsa] is a software distribution model that offers considerable agility and cost-effectiveness for companies. This makes it a reliable option for numerous business models and industries. It is also popular among businesses due to its simplicity, user accessibility, security, and widespread connectivity.

TechNewsWorld, 2022

Evolving Perspectives on Online Backup

“It’s clear organisations understand the gravity and impact of cyber incidents, but we also see a range of roadblocks from a lack of preparation, misalignment between IT and security teams, and over-reliance on insufficient backup and recovery solutions,” said Steven Stone, head of Rubrik Zero Labs.

“In the current era of cybersecurity, the best outcome is ensuring cyber resilience. Incidents are inevitable, so it’s critical to reduce the risk before a response is needed, and — at all costs — protect the crown jewel: the data.”

Information Age, 2023

The Simplicity and Assurance of Online Backup

Online backup services refer to a method of offsite data storage in which data is routinely backed up on a remote server over a network. Online backup services are also referred to as cloud backup or remote backup services. These services protect against data loss resulting from system crashes, virus attacks, hard disc failures, and accidental file deletion. This cloud backup provides remote access to data, real-time data accessibility, user-friendly technology for online backup services, and low deployment costs. In contrast to conventional approaches, which were plagued by problems such as server loss and organizational mismanagement, it provides automated online data backup. It is widely utilized in telecommunications, healthcare, and a number of other industries.
Introspective Market Research, 2022

Optimal Solution for Modern Businesses

Hybrid cloud backup solutions are an option that you can use to either create a hybrid cloud or to support a hybrid cloud that is already in place.

These solutions work by first backing up data to an on-premises appliance and then duplicating that backup to cloud resources [like Divinsa Cloud]. This duplication can help you ensure that data remains available with minimal latency while still maintaining scalability of storage. Many solutions can also sync on premise resources with data generated in the cloud, allowing two way backup.

When using hybrid solutions, on-site backups enable you to recover backups more quickly, regardless of Internet connectivity. Meanwhile, cloud copies of those backups enable you to store older backups for longer and provide a mechanism for disaster recovery or failover in case your on-premises resources are compromised.

IEEE Computer Society, 2023

The Power of Data Preservation

“As businesses focus on providing an ‘always-on’ service to their customers, and with the constant increase of cyber-threats, organizations are thinking about how they can protect their data continuously, with every change, update or new piece of data protected and available in real time. Continuous data protection (CDP) is enabling this change, saving data in intervals of seconds – rather than days or months – and giving IT teams the granularity to quickly rewind operations to just seconds before disruption occurred. Completely flexible, CDP enables an IT team to quickly recover anything, from a single file or virtual machine right up to an entire site.”

Additionally, cloud backup solutions are making backups much more practical. “One benefit of modern cloud backup solutions is that they are suitable for businesses of any size, enabling data backup from any server or device, anywhere with an internet connection,” observed Terry Storrar of leasweb.

Info Security Magazine, 2021

Harnessing Technological Advancements

There’s widespread support for public cloud storage as a repository for data. This is typically through native support for the Amazon S3 API interface and Azure Blob storage API [Divinsa leverages such APIs]. In many cases, this data is simply written in the vendor’s proprietary format and isn’t easily available for search and analytics. But organizations can use the images for DR. Some cloud backup vendors are integrating data and metadata in the cloud, making it easier to use the data for archive purposes. Often, this is done through a proprietary dashboard.
Tech Target, 2019

In a landscape where data is the currency of the digital age, embracing modern online backup solutions becomes imperative. Divinsa, as a pioneer in secure online backup, ensures your data’s protection and accessibility. Stay ahead of the curve and secure your digital future with Divinsa’s advanced data backup services.